Why Filipina Women Go for Foreign Men

Liliana Andrino
3 min readMar 4, 2024

Whenever Filipinos see a fellow Filipina hand in hand with a foreign man, they are quick to say,

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“May kababayan na naman na umahon sa kahirapan!”

In English, this means “Another fellow countryman has risen from poverty.”

It’s a common catchphrase you’ll hear when you come across these couples.

This kind of saying has led many people to believe that Filipina women only choose foreign men for their money.

Though it is ideal to have a financially stable husband, this isn’t the only reason why they choose foreign men.

This is a lifetime partner we’re talking about. This isn’t a choice that Filipinas take very lightly. Because once a Filipina chooses a man for life, she will forever stay by his side until death do they part.

Besides, if you could date someone who treats you well and meets your needs, you would go for them as well.

But there are many more sincere reasons why Filipina women find foreign men appealing. These are:

1. They know what they want

Decisiveness isn’t a trait you’d find in most Filipinos. They don’t always stick to their plans. Sometimes, these plans even get canceled.

Foreign men know what they want and when they want it.

A Filipina wouldn’t have to lay awake at night in bed wondering if she’s being taken seriously or not. She doesn’t have to read between their words.

When a foreign man likes you, he makes sure you know it. He’ll make you feel his love for you.

2. They are unapologetically themselves

When it comes to foreign men, particularly westerners, what you see is what you get.

They don’t bother putting up a front to make themselves appealing. They stay true to themselves and wouldn’t really care what others think of them.

This is the complete opposite situation in the Philippines. Their culture heavily revolves around the concept of “hiya” or shame.

Word spreads very quickly among Filipinos. If somehow you get a bad rep with someone else, you’re sure to be the topic of their gossip.

Foreign men don’t really care about these things.

3. They are brutally honest

Foreign men aren’t afraid to speak their mind. This makes their conversation a lot more fun and engaging.

They always have something to say and Filipinas like that. They like how fun and engaging their conversations can be with foreign men.

Filipinas are very fond of talking. It’s only natural for them to want a man who can reciprocate their energy in conversations.

When they’re dating a foreign man, they don’t have to worry about the conversation getting awkward or dying out.

Foreign Men as Marriage Material

Everyone is entitled to their own preference. If you were given a chance to date someone who exactly fits your preference, you wouldn’t let the chance slip either.

It just so happens that a lot of Filipinas would love to go out with a foreign man. If they happen to fit the bill of what they are looking for in a lifetime partner, they aren’t afraid to lead with their hearts.



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